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December 4, 2009
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I Will Break Free by InertiaK I Will Break Free by InertiaK
Sorry for the length, but it is necessary to explain the image and the meaning behind it.

I was debating this image for a while. I asked myself what is it I dream of the most for my future. Where do I see myself? What do I want to do when I "grow up?" -- the thing is, I couldn't get past the next few weeks, let alone the years until I solve and heal issues that have been long lying with me.

This piece of art may seem very strange to a person, but I wanted to express "myself" and the situation I currently am in, along with the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

I am sick. I have major depression and severe anxiety, along with insomnia due to other situations both health wise and personal that I am dealing with, such as a benign tumor that is wrapped around my lower spine and cannot be operated on due to it's risky location. It is a battle. Every day is a struggle to remain positive. I was diagnosed a year ago and to this day, I am still not "right". The old me is lost and I need to focus on creating and becoming that new me.

This image represents depression and a hope of overcoming the dark demons. I wanted to achieve something ultimately different in terms of depression and how people view it. For myself, I feel like I am a prisoner to my emotions. I'm not sure how to deal with them correctly so I tuck them away and try to be numb. Hence the rock and the woman who is caught within it's grasp. The net is around her, but on one side, she has broken free, the other hand is still surrounded by it, capturing her. The netting resents the anxiety I deal with - sometimes it is debilitating and traps me in this 'fear' so badly that I cannot go out the front door, meet with people on a social level, or do the things I once use to do. The darkness, the gray represent the moods that overcome me at times, sometimes literally blocking out all light. The water in front of her is impossible to see through, murky and dank, because I cannot look into the mirror at times - I'd rather hide. Nature surrounds me. I love nature, adore it - and yet at times, even though I am so close to it, I am stuck, unable to truly relish it's beauty for it is overshadowed by this dark cloud that is constantly with me.

And yet.. all is not lost! Within the darkness from the very tears she spills, buds a tiny new plant. New life that generates a small light. A beacon of hope and as she peers upwards, tears spill from one eye, but the other side of her face is touched with dew from the leaves above, a taste of life. Soaring high overhead are two hawks, free and reaching heights, offering the hope and the glimpse of a dream to attain for. With the splash of warmth from the sun, the dark clouds are ebbing away. And that is my dream. It is my dream for all people who "suffer" the same ills as me. While I aspire for so much more in life, I must first overcome this obstacle, one step at a time.

There is much more symbolism painted within the image, but the general idea of it is explained.

Stock used:

[link] Hawk
[link] - face
[link] - Sky

The rest - painted and or my own personal resources.

Thank you for taking the time to read.
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JoanneKay Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014  Professional Artist
Very nice imagery
Ppole Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012
Dear InertiaK! I'm delighted and impressed by Your work "I Will Break Free". This is very powerful in the force of the expressions work. I wrote a small non-profit brochure. 68 pages. It will be released in December 100 copies. There is described the origin and development of life on Earth, the man's connection with animals, nature, cosmic mind (spirit), it is shown the necessity of human care about his soul. The book is published in Russian language. I ask Your permission to place Your work on the cover of my book. I promise specify Your authorship and send a copy of You, if You only wish it.
WolvenHeartRose Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2011
this spoke out to me, your description, the beautiful work of art. what your feeling, im begging to go through. but you gave me so much inspiration. i just wanted to thank you for this.
ArtemisChick Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2011
i love all the meaning behind this piece, i can totally relate with the feeling too :/ thank you so much for creating this and sharing your thoughts and concepts, you have to be a really beautiful person to acknowledge all your negatives but still keep fighting and not give up, and actually share all this with us, thanks so much, i dont feel so hopeless anymore.:)
ayanoofdapapz Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2011
amazing.. !!
SweediesArt Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wooow, beautiful!!
angeleyeslpn Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2010
will come back and comment when i am alone...this touched me more than you know...i understood the meaning on sight before reading
Peace-Taurus Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2010
Wow! this is beautyful! xoxo
InertiaK Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you so much! :heart:
dynamitehackr416 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2010
I relate so much with this. For so long I was trapped within depression, but have found hope since being medicated for ADHD. I still battle with it at times, and anxiety as well, but it's manageable and I now have hope. I look at this picture and I see and feel myself looking back at me, and reading about the picture just strengthened that feeling. This work is beautiful, in more ways than one.
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