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Where does the time go!?

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 23, 2014, 3:22 PM
The craziness that is life has had me in full thrall for the last couple of years. I am still -around- just invisibly and with very limited time. My struggles continue on, and I lost my muse for a serious length of time. I hope to have moved past that with the fact that the other day I began working on older art pieces I never completed but had the PSDs laying around.

There is no way possible I can catch up with everyone who has messaged me in any manner, be it comments so I'm simply not going to try. DO NOT THINK that I don't appreciate you, because that isn't so. There is no sane way for me (unless I had an assistant), that I could go through everything and be up to date within two years from now. I shall forever be behind!. That being said, I'm also working on another project which may interest some artists, but I cannot say anything yet as my "prototype" is still being worked on. (By myself). Hopefully you find it enjoyable in itself, but also as a great possibility to show case your art world wide.

So that being said, HELLO! I don't remember how to do those little emots. I've got to check through the dusty, cobwebbed halls of my gallery and reintroduce myself to DA again. Thank you for all notes, messages, appreciation of my artwork. Deviant has been my home for MANY years now. No matter how many times I disappear, I'm always drawn back.

Hopefully talk to you all very soon! So many changes!!!!

OMGosh! In looking at my previous entries, it was almost exactly two years to the day since then! Crazy!

  • Mood: Love
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  • Drinking: tea